What Happens after Graduation?

Last week we had the pleasure of Simon Grennan, a research fellow at the university, speaking to us twice in the same day. In the morning he joined us in our photography group to tell us about his time working in the Viewpoint Gallery in Manchester.  The photography gallery opened in 1985 as a result of local photographers working with the council to demonstrate that photography should be viewed as an art form.  Photographers were concerned that their work was considered a purely mechanical process and their photographs were journalist aids for commerce.


Viewpoint Gallery, The Old Fire Station, Salford

Simon’s time at Viewpoint was pre-internet and the distribution of paper marketing was very important and books or catalogues to accompany the exhibitions were evidence that the work was worthy of exhibiting.  Simon still believes that there is an argument to have a physical catalogue as they are more permanent, and have the capability of controlling the viewer as they peruse the exhibition.  This was definitely food for thought for future exhibitions.

The afternoon talk was in Professional Practice it was to make us think about what will happen to us professionally after graduation.

The following is an exercise Simon recommends we should complete as Final year students

Think about what resources you have  (Identifying what is applicable to you) such as

  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Opportunities
  • Body of work (ie your proof)

People.  Who do you know and can they help?  i.e

  • Connections
  • Family
  • Lecturers
  • Fellow students
  • Local scene

What are your plans and dreams, how can you get there?

The plans and dreams are yours alone and it’s what separates you from others, even if you share other things with them such as qualifications.

Final Pointers to think about

Turn what you don’t have into what you have

What have I got?  What do I want?


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