Mostyn – Live Project (29/11/15)

I held my 2nd art session with The Gingerbread group on Sunday November 29th   For this session I was asked if I could plan the activity, I was happy to do this as I felt it would be good experience for me. As it would be the last session before Christmas it seemed natural that I plan something Christmas related.

I browsed the internet looking for inspiration, creating a Pinterest board as I went along, I needed to keep things relatively simple as some of the children were quite young at the last session but I didn’t want the older children to get bored either.

This month’s session was held in the same room as the parents meeting, I was very aware that everything I said could be heard which made me a bit self-conscious at first.  I had raided Mostyn’s store cupboard for supplies of tissue paper, material, glitter and anything sparkly that I could find. I had been collecting cardboard all week and had a range of Christmas shapes, Christmas trees, Stars, Angels.  Whilst the younger children enjoyed themselves, the older 2 could have found the activity a bit basic,  however still got engrossed with the card making accessories which I had brought from home. Towards the end of the session I had a chat with the older children about what they would like to do in the next session which is in January.

As a result of having completed my work placement and continuing to maintain contact by regularly attending the family art club as a volunteer, I have now been given a zero hour contract at Mostyn. Whilst this means I only get paid if and when I work,  the discussions I have had with my line manager there, indicates that there may be other opportunities open to me in the future.



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