Llandrillo Fda

I was invited to Llandrillo College, to sit on a panel to consider the proposed changes to their Foundation Degree in photography. I was invited as a ex-student having graduated last year. There was also another ex-student,  a 1st and a 2nd year student.  Paul Samson, who is the curator of Oriel Colwyn (photography gallery in Colwyn Bay) Justin Van Marle, a local professional photographer, and Higher Education lecturers from the college.

I started the course in it’s 1st year of transition from a HND to a foundation degree so in some respects we were the guinea pigs for the course. I was quite happy to be invited back to give my input about the proposed changes, most of which had come about following the external moderator feeding back to the course tutors after talking to us students at the end of last year.

The meeting took about 2 hours, the main change being proposed was on the professional practice module,  where they are looking to set up their own photo agency so that the students will participate in live projects rather than going out and finding their own work placement. The department took on board all the comments made by the panel regarding the changes that they were looking to make, and I feel quite privileged to think that my input could help shape the course for future students.

And, I have to say, another good networking opportunity….







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