Guest Speakers Callum Peters and Thomas Plunkett

We had two guest speakers last week, both were former graduates of Chester Uni.  The first was Callum Peters who told us how he secured a job straight after graduating as a direct result of having completed a work placement at a local design company.  Although he was made redundant 12 months later, he found the experience invaluable for when he applied to the BBC as a junior designer.

He gave the group his tips on how to get the best out of social media, along with the following tips which I found useful

  • Be inspired – use Pinterest, Invision, Panda, Site inspire
  • Learn new skills – Sketch (design) Invision (prototyping)
  • Be professional – Keep relevant, tidy documents, remember photoshop etiquette, know who you’re talking to
  • Go to events, be pro-active – put feelers out early


Put on a brilliant final show, this is your opportunity to showcase your work, and you never know who might come.

Here’s the link for Callum’s website Yummy Custard, he’s also active on the following sites twitterlinkedin, and dribble


Our other guest speaker was Thomas Plunkett PRWS (Royal Watercolour Society)

Thomas graduated from Chester in 1994, he spoke really enthusiastically about his work, both his watercolour commissions and his personal abstract paintings, showing us a selection of both, he stressed the important of sketching and reiterated what Callum had said about the importance of correct use of digital platforms.

He has done a wide variety of work, from curating to teaching to being an artist in residence at The Royal Albert Hall. He has produced books of his own work, The ceremonial Funeral of Baroness Thatcher,  (painting at top of the page) he put himself under a lot of pressure to do this,  working from 43 sketches that he made on the day, and written the foreward for Watercolour Secrets, a RWS book.

thomas plunkett

Thomas’s top tips

  • Continue to market yourself. Always say yes and offer to arrange a meeting to discuss the details such as money
  • Be confident in what you can do
  • Stay in touch with the Uni
  • Have a website and business cards

Thomas can also be found on the following social media sites, twitterfacebooklinkedin


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