January Live Project


At the last gingerbread art session at Mostyn Gallery, I had asked the older 2 children if there was anything they would like to do at the next session. I had been aware of the age difference so wanted to get them involved in the decision making for this workshop.  They had told me about a school project which they had been working on to create designs for skateboards, so when I suggested graffiti art they we happy with that.

To prepare for the workshop I researched graffiti fonts and designs, and practising writing my name graffiti style with my 10 year old daughter. I find it really useful to have a child this age to try activities out on, and she is happy to do the work with me.


As the children started to arrive, I got a bit apprehensive about how many seemed to be coming in, I’d been used to having a maximum of 5 children and we’d had quite good sessions.  The total number today in the workshop only ended up being 7, the younger children went into the crèche which was provided. The older children were pretty much happy to be left to their own devices, but today the younger ones needed a bit more help to get started, however once they’d got started they also worked quite independently.


All the children once again were really good, their parents were in the same room again having their meeting, this hasn’t been an issue at all. The children were all quite studious in the way they worked on their designs, I was pleased that they used their initiative in the way they decorated their names, the time flew by today with the children all taking their work away with the promise that they would complete them at home.

One of the girls has suggested we do something flowery next month, so I will need to think of something that the boys will be able to engage with too.


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