I attended an informal session last week with Kirsty from careers to discuss the university run Venture Programme. I have an idea for self employment so she advised that “collaborate” would be a good programme to sign up for as it is a chance to network and connect with mentors, entrepreneurs and advisors. The next session is being held 8th and 9th February at Riverside Innovate centre, so I have booked onto these.

On another note, things I need to do

I had business cards printed last year by  I researched various other companies prior to ordering with them, I liked the curves corners on offer and that you could design them yourself online, and I uploaded a couple of my images to go on both sides of the card.

business card

My current business cards also produce a wide range of promotional printed products such as postcards which are not too expensive and could be an excellent product to accompany my portfolio.

Online presence

  •  Linkedin – I have been on linked in for a while now, and have kept the profile up to date

I also have the following, which I probably don’t post on often enough, this is something that I must try to improve on






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