Photography Project Review

Having had time to reflect on my interim exhibition, and having had my marks and feedback I have a few avenues which I wish to explore and/or consider.

Once the work was up, I felt the scale wasn’t really appropriate for the space, I had printed my digital images on A4 but as they were not mounted or framed I felt that they looked a bit lost, I think scale is definitely something I need to play around with, either going larger or even much smaller. I have just been reminded of Lorna Simpson’s Photobooth (2008) which I saw in the Tate Liverpool last summer. Photobooth is made up of 50 found photo booth photographs which have been displayed in a cloud like shape, seemingly haphazard way, each photo or strip of photos has been framed in the same black frames. The scale of these individual framed pieces, draws the viewer in for a closer look.

I like this idea, and intend to consider whether something similar could work with my images


I have also been thinking about presenting the work in a book form, this could compliment the wall display. I need to consider book layouts, and whether the book will be handmade or printed online. I’ve used online publishers at Level 4 and Level 5, so have some previous research which I can refer back to.

I spend a lot of time on my local beaches, often basing my projects on or around the seafront where I live. It’s something I just seem to do, I’m naturally drawn to the water’s edge, standing looking out to sea, I feel tranquil and content

I’m now taking a moment to consider why that might be.

The sheer scale of the beach can make me feel very small, it makes me think about how easy it could be to disappear without leaving a trace or having made a difference. We are all just one tiny fish in a huge pond with a whole word out there to explore, I’m not sure when I’ll get chance to do this so in the meantime I think I’m going to explore my local area for other suitable locations for a photoshoot. I know I want space, and have a few places in mind, which are practically on my doorstep.

The final thing I need to consider on all shoots is what I want from the shoot, I intend to look back through all my contact sheets and look at how many images I am happy with per roll of film, and for future shoots give more consideration to and make informed decisions about what photographs I take. On previous rolls of films I have a range of images, from moving figures, still figures and landscapes. I feel that some of the landscapes work and they are images I could possible use again, however at the moment and for the purpose of this project they are not relevant…..but then again, they could be.


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