Studio Project Review – January

The general feedback regarding my interim exhibition was that the work displayed seemed to be quite tentative, and didn’t possess the fluidity of some of the pages in my sketchpad. I do agree with this as I am aware of feeling more precious about larger pieces of work, and being wary of pushing a piece of work too far for fear of spoiling it.  I have found working in an A5 sketchpad, has made me try different things, I sometimes go back and add more to pages at a later date, but I have struggled as to how to take these ideas into larger pieces.

Before receiving the feedback I had started to try and do this,  for a couple of pieces of work I put photography aside and have worked with collage, paint & inks. I know that I need to be prepared to fail, that some things will not work, but I need to almost relax and not worry about ruining the work.

work space Jan 2016

A selection of work back up in my studio space

Things to consider from here

  • Different solutions to corrode photos
  • What is it that I find interesting in certain images (eg the way the image bleeds away, the corrosion?)
  • Concentrate on a small section and work on that (enlarge?)
  • Move away from images which are too literal
  • Look at Sigmar Pollock & Grehard Richter, to see how they display work together ie photos against more abstract work.

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