Introduction to book binding workshop

I signed up for the book binding workshops for a couple of reasons, the first and most important reason is that I am considering presenting some of my work for the end of year exhibition in a book form. Having previously designed and ordered books with online publishers I was interested in learning how to produce a hand-crafted book, I have considered this before, but knew I did not have the knowledge or skills to do so.

The workshops, which will be held over the next 6 weeks are being run by Elizabeth Kealy-Morris, who is also using her findings at these workshops to support her own Phd research. At this introduction to  book binding Liz familiarised us to with the basics of book binding, from the grain of the paper to the tools which we will be using. From here we made the following, fairly basic book structures, the concertina, the origami and the ox-plow quilt book. Whilst these may be fairly basic books,  Liz demonstrated the techniques required to get the best finish for them.

From these folded, uncovered structures, we then moved on to a stitched structure with a cover

I was surprised that this book was so straightforward to make, I feel the reason behind this is the way the workshop was delivered by Liz, I felt she had a very calming manner about her, she patiently explained and demonstrated all aspects of book binding in such a way that I was really keen to get stuck in. The time seemed to fly by at this workshop, and I came away really feeling as though I had learnt a lot.

I am now considering whether the folded structures could be a process which I could take to my next gingerbread art session, I think it would be really good way to develop the skills which I learnt today.  I now have more concise ideas in my head as to how I can incorporate book binding into my work and I’m really looking forward to the next workshop


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