Guest Lecturer – Mireille Fauchon


Mireille Fauchon came into Uni last week to speak to the photography students. I was interested to meet her and hear her talk about her books as I am very keen to present some of my work in a book format for my end of year show.

She asked us about the sort of work we did, which was unexpected but also useful, the more I speak about my work, the clearer it becomes in my mind what it is that I want to say about it.  Mireille then went on to tell us about her education and work history, she calls herself an educator and a practitioner, working from her own studio and also as a guest lecturer in a number of universities.  She realised in her 2nd year of her degree course that she was a storyteller by nature with a special interest in local history specifically the familiar, where strange or unusual have happened.


Mireille showed us some slides of her previous work, she also brought some of her book projects including The Highgate Vampire, which was part of her degree work. She spoke in detail and with obvious passion about this project, and about her work generally.


Some sound advice offered…

  • Immerse yourself in everything to do with your subject
  • The work that you’re doing now could shape the rest of your career, don’t dismiss any works
  • Being experimental is key
  • If working on a book, consider an some sort of introduction so that the viewer is able to read the images
  • Don’t fall into a style or aesthetic
  • Think about your concept, learn the skills to transfer these ideas
  • Enter competitions, you could win!

I found Mireille’s visit really interesting, it was really beneficial to be able to handle her books looking at how they had been constructed, and to be able to ask specific questions about the process of making the books.


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