The Venture Programme

Following the meeting with Kirsty Badrock, I signed up to attend The Venture Programme organised by Careers & Employability department. The programme is made up of different events, I chose to attend Collaborate, this is designed for people who have a business idea. The event was held last week over 2 evenings, Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th

Since doing the workshops at Mostyn, I started to think about how I could do this and earn a living at the same time. My business idea was to host children’s birthday parties, I have enjoyed the workshops and enjoy working with children but don’t really want to go into teaching.

There were mentors at the event who talked to the group about how they started their business, then we had the opportunity to tell the rest of the group what our business idea was. Although this was a bit daunting as I felt my idea was a bit sketchy, it was really useful as the rest of the group gave feedback on your idea, it offered another viewpoint. It was suggested that I could extend the workshop idea to an older age range as well, possibly in Old people assisted accomodation.

During the 2nd evening we made appointments to speak to various organisations, such as representatives from a bank , an accountants, an insurance broker and a legal clinic. The mentors from the previous evening were also there so we could speak to them on a one to one basis.

Some of the main pointers which I will need to bear in mind

  • Create a business plan
  • Continue to be self reflective
  • Build up a reputation
  • Be aware of Google ranking
  • Consider promotions
  • Is there a gap in the market?
  • Is the idea unique? If not think of new ways to deliver
  • Regulations of working with children
  • Advertising
  • Insurance – Public Liability
  • How much I need to earn
  • Start up costs
  • Set yourself time bound goals
  • Registering with HMRC

Above list is a starting point for myself, and things which I will need to consider on an ongoing basis. Meeting the experts was really useful as they had ideas which I hadn’t considered, and also gave me generic advice regarding setting up your own business.



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