What do Artists Do All Day

BBC4 showed this programme on March 13th 2016, this episode featured photographer Dennis Morris

Executive Producer: Richard Bright
Producer: Marisa Privitera Murdoch

The programme follows the Jamaican born photographer as he undertakes his latest commission of photographing a new all female punk band, whilst he also reminisced about some of the highlights of his career which included documenting what life was like for bands such as Bob Marley and  The Sex Pistols whilst on tour.

He spoke about how he was seduced by the darkroom at a very young age, creating his own darkroom in his bedroom, taking bookings for photo shoots using the phone box outside his home which he used as his contact number. He also had a yearning to become involved in the music business which lead him to spend a lot of his youth at local gigs and record shops.

His first big break came before he was 17 when after approaching Bob Marley to ask if he could take a photo, he was invited to join the band on tour. He was to immerse himself into the world of the bands, doing studies of what life on the road was really like, from the monotony of the tour bus to the wrecked hotel bedrooms!

I enjoy this programme, and have seen a number of episodes with different artists, what I particularly like about Dennis Morris’s episode was that he took the film crew to places which he felt were significant to his early career. The programme was scheduled to coincide with the opening of his new exhibition at The Institute of Contemporary Art, in London, which will feature some previously unseen work. I think that the programme at 30 minutes, was a little short,  I would have like to have seen more of him during his working day, and it would be interesting to see some of his personal work. It has however, introduced me to a successful contemporary photographer, whose work I have looked at more closely since watching the episode.



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