Future First Workshop

I volunteered to hep with the workshops which were held during the Easter break as I’d enjoyed the previous workshop that I’d helped with. I hadn’t heard about Future First, so this is the information that we were give about the project

Future First is part of a wider project working with children who have spent some time in local authority care, have caring responsibilities, are from a black, Asian, minority ethnic background, or would be the first generation in their family to attend university. The aim of the project is to raise the aspirations and confidence of these children.

The children were all in Year 10 and came from a number of different schools, from North Wales to the North West. There were 3 workshops, printing, drawing and photography, I was allocated to help with printmaking. I was a bit apprehensive about this as I haven’t done any printmaking for a long time.


Applying the first colour…

The workshop was in screen printing, the screens had been prepared ready so that each child would have the opportunity to print a 2 colour image. The technician spoke to each group about screen printing, giving them a basic overview and demonstration of the process, then let them try their hands at printing their own copies.


Applying the 2nd colour…

On the whole, most of the children seemed to enjoy the workshop, they seemed to like the fact that they were printing a character who they were all familiar with. There were a couple who didn’t really seem to be interested at all, which I felt was a shame as it was a really good opportunity for them to have a taster session in a new process.


The finished print.


Overall, I felt the workshops were really positive, I thought it was a shame that the last workshop of the day was shorter than the first two. This was a knock on effect of the schools arriving later than anticipated, so was beyond the control of the workshop leaders, it just meant that the last group didn’t get as much of a chance to experience the process.

On a personal note, I enjoyed refreshing my memory with the screen printing process, I also had the chance to have a go myself in the first workshop. The children who attended were all pleasant and well behaved, and it has made me think more about working with this age group in the future.


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