Source Graduate

Source Magazine Source is a quarterly photography magazine, available in print and as a digital edition  it offers photography graduates an opportunity to submit a selection of images which will maintain a permanent online presence.

Submission Requirements

  • Eight images and a brief text introduction.
  • Your contact details and a link to your own website.
  • A listing with details of your Graduate exhibition venue, date and times.
  • The work is arranged by course group and remains on the Source site permanently – so it’s accessible long after you graduate.
  • Searchable by genre to enable audiences to locate work.

The following are the images which I have submitted

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used the statement which I had written for my interim exhibition as a starting point for the text which was submitted, this had to be shortened considerably as it was restricted to 120 words.

My work is a personal narrative of childhood hopes and dreams, my daughter has become a representation of a younger self. Becoming a parent is a stark reminder of the passage of time, with the realisation that life is short, giving thought of lost dreams and forgotten pleasures.

The use of the lensless cameras is important, as it is reminiscent of a nostalgic past. The soft focus gives a dreamlike quality which adds to the atmosphere and the light leaks and flare implies to me hope of regaining those innocent childhood aspirations. The slow shutter speeds which allows for the blurring of moving figures produces ghostlike apparitions creating an ethereal mood which gives a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.


Source promotes Graduate Photography Online across different platforms and media:

  • Press Release sent to our database of Picture Editors and Gallery Curators.
  • Prominent link on the Source website home page.
  • Posting in the Source Photo Blog.
  • Via Source’s Twitter (@sourcephoto), which has over 25,000 followers.
  • Via the Source Facebook Page.
  • A full-page Graduate Photography Online ad in Source Magazine.

There is a cost of £28 to submit your work, that also includes a year subscription to the magazine. I felt this was worth paying in order to promote my work across such a wide spectrum of social media and sources.

The site is now live with Graduate 2016 submissions, so I’ve included the Link to my page



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