April Live Project – Kids workshop

For this latest gingerbread group workshop at Mostyn gallery, I decided to get the kids to make optical illusion cubes. In preparation I downloaded a cube template from the internet, as the ages of the children ranges from 7 – 15 I decided that I would prepare some of the patterns ready, but to also take some blank templates so that the older ones could design their own if they wanted to.



I had already prepared this when I visited the Herbert Gallery in Coventry before Easter, The gallery had a free activity set up for children where they could make optical illusion pictures. They had striped paper and some circular designs printed on both paper and acetate. As I’m always aware that some of the children work quicker than others, I thought this idea would compliment my cubes workshop. I also printed off a couple of Bridget Riley’s designs to show them.



Again the children really seemed to enjoy the activity,  a couple of the designs were a little bit complex for a couple of the younger children, they were getting confused by which shapes should be coloured. We got around that by me putting a dot in the right place for them.  The younger ones were all keen to use different colours, whereas the older ones preferred to just use one colour and white. The cube activity took longer to complete than anticipated, so we didn’t have time to do the 2nd activity.  This could be done at the next session, but I would need to add another dimension to it for it to keep them busy for a bit longer.


I’ve got to know the children who attend these workshops,  I work along side of them and we have a chat whilst we’re working. I try to guide them to do what they want to within the workshop, without influencing them too much. I like to see them studiously working on a project that I have arranged for them and this is something that I would like to pursue after graduating, possibly on a self employed basis.


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