Degree Show Catalogue

Statement and images have now been submitted for the degree show catalogue, I have used my statement from my photography interim exhibition as a starting point again, but this time have spoken a little bit about my studio practice also

Gill Hughes

Fine Art and Photography

Contact: 07557 059725



What started as a journey of self-expression soon became personal narrative of childhood hopes and dreams. My daughters who feature, have become a representation of my younger self. Being a parent is a stark reminder of the passage of time, with the realisation that life is short and giving thought to lost dreams and forgotten pleasures. My photographs have mostly been taken around the coast where I live, the beaches offers a feeling of infinite space and sense of freedom which I yearn for. They remind me of idyllic childhood memories of carefree days at the beach, when the summer holidays always seemed long and hot.

The use of the lens-less cameras is important to me, as it creates images which are reminiscent of a nostalgic past. The soft focus gives a dreamlike quality which adds to the atmosphere and the light leaks and flare implies to me hope of regaining those innocent childhood aspirations. The slow shutter speeds which allows for the blurring of moving figures, producing surreal ghostlike apparitions which creating an ethereal mood.

I initially intended to keep my fine art and photography as two independent bodies of work, however the fine art has naturally evolved to compliment the sentiments of my photography. In fine art I explored alternative ways of treating my photographs until I found a process which I was happy with that emulated the ambiance of my photography.

Images for the catalogue




Studio Practice


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