Right Here Right Now @ The Lowry

I spent another Saturday in Manchester last weekend, this time my main focus was to go to The Lowry, Salford Quays. I wanted to see the digital art exhibition Right Here Right Now which I had seen advertised on their website.  The exhibition features the work of 16 international contemporary digital artists who through a range of processes have explored themes such as surveillance, artificial intelligence and social media interactions.

My favourite pieces have to be installations Darwinian Straw Mirrors by Daniel Rozin and Snowfall by Fuse* (a collective of Italian Multimedia artists)  both of which respond to and change with audience participation.  With both the viewer stands in front of a view camera and their figure is projected onto a huge screen as a series of lines or a snow silhouettes.


Daniel Rozin’s Darwinian Straw Mirror


Fuse* Snowball

With this projection Installation Fuse explored the potential of artificial viewing techniques in the artistic field for the first time. The system processes the images captured by a number of video cameras in real time

The Lowry


I really enjoyed the playful feel to this part of the exhibition, it really brought out my inner child, and introduced me to a technology which I had very little knowledge or experience of.

Some of the other installations were

  • Corruption by Thomson & Craighead, the artists discovered that by using certain software they could create bright colourful imagery using the data of corrupt digital files, hence making something beautiful from something which can potential cause viruses within computer systems.
  • Planthropy by Stephanie Rothenberg another interactive installation where the artist explores the idea behind crowd-funding and social media.
  •  Oil Fields by Mishka Henner. First impressions are that it is an abstract piece of work but are actually a series of aerial shots taken from Google earth which have been stitched together to make a very large piece of work.



Overall a great exhibition, consisting of a wide range of digital art and technology parts of which making you consider the information we that we so readily share online. The gallery flows easily from one exhibit to the next,  I really like that on the 2 occasions I have been there that there have been some exciting installations which requires audience participation, it’s an excellent way to encourage children (both big and small) to become involved and interested in contemporary art.





Why should we use Social Media?

Today’s guest speaker was Amanda Dobbs the founder of Marketing strategist company Koogar, Amanda joined us to talk predominately about social media and how and why we should be utilising it.

“The term social refers to the interaction of living organism.  It always refers to the interaction of the organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary”


Whilst social media offers an excellent platform to promote your business it is also important to be aware of the risk advertising online poses. Your brand is you, and the way you conduct yourself whilst online could be advantageous or detrimental to your business or future career prospects.

Some of the key social media services available are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • Photo sharing sites

Social Media allows you to

  • Build relations
  • Listen to requests
  • Respond to needs
  • Develop new solutions
  • Create personal relations
  • Respond faster
  • Change your procedure
  • Review customer service
  • Attract new customers

Advantages of social media

  • Broad reach
  • Find your target audience
  • Free or low cost
  • Personal
  • Quick and easy

Risks with social media

  • Wasted time and money for little or no return
  • Rapid spread of negative feedback or comments
  • Legal problems




The session didn’t tell me much that I wasn’t already aware of, however it was delivered in an interesting way with some surprising statistics which couldn’t fail to make you consider your own use of social media.  It highlighted the importance of understanding your Why. Why you do what you do, once you understand this, other people will get you too.